Mesto artisan cold pressed extra virgin olive oil from crete
     Gk. mestó/adj. full or replete

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Mestó is a Cretan and UK partnership founded in 2013 by Vasilis Nikolidakis and Cate Steele.

Crete in Greece is famous for its ancient olive trees and stunning Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

On the southern side of the island, in the shadows of Mount Ida, the trees of Mestó grow under the Mediterranean sun.

Our oil comes from my family’s trees some I planted with my Father and Grandfather when I was small, others have been standing for generations.”

Now it is our turn to cultivate the land and take care of the trees.” says Vasilis.

Vasilis is born and bred Cretan and always dreamt of rebuilding his Papou’s house and tending the trees he had grown up harvesting. Now every winter from November to February, together with his Brighton partner Cate, they coax the olives from the trees harvesting until the very last olive is down on the nets.

our oil comes from only our trees. It isn’t blended with any other olive oil or mixed by a co-op, we know exactly what is in the tins with our name on it. Between us we have nurtured and harvested every olive that has gone into making our beautiful oil. We have watched them grow..”

At the end of each day of harvest the olives are taken to the local mill where the oil is cold extracted and put in vats.  Mestó is unfiltered and instead left to settle for a couple of months to let gravity clear the oil - it’s then decanted into our Mestó cans to be transported, by road, to the UK.




Cate and Vasilis believe farmers are the custodians of the earth and have a responsibility to work consciously and sustainably, mindful of what is being passed on and of the footprint that’s left.

Gentle cultivation, for the birds and the bees, the flowers and the trees, for the good of the oil and the good of the soil.

Why is Mestó  different?

Mestó is a premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It is made from a single variety of olive - the Greek Koroneiki with its distinctive golden green colour. It has a delicate and fruity flavour with a fresh grassy nose. It finishes with a soft bitterness and peppery tickle.

Virgin olive oils are produced by crushing only - no heat and no chemicals, just freshly squeezed, raw olive juice.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) is the highest quality oil. The underlying chemistry indicating the highest health enhancing properties and flavours. It is in the best of these oils that you will find different degrees of bitterness and pepperiness. Not all EVOO is made equal. Climate, variety of olive, cultivation methods, soil conditions, harvesting skill and care, and milling all make a difference to the flavour and properties of the oil. Our oil has an acidity level of 0.27% (well below the EU limit of 0.8%) and high levels of antioxidants.

Unlike wine, the fresher your EVOO the better, look for a harvest date when you buy and buy oil from the latest harvest

We are a Single Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Mestó comes from trees that have been in Vasilis family for generations and only our trees.

Artisan  means high quality products made in small quantities reflecting the passion and knowledge of its makers, often using traditional methods.

Cold Pressed/Extracted - means that the oil must be extracted with minimal heat to maintain all the goodness, flavours and nutritional value of the fruit. Because harvest is in the winter, the olives are cold and need a little coaxing to give up their juice. Cold extraction means under 27°C

Mestó is perfect as a finishing oil, swirl it on soups, veggies, fish or salad. Great for dunking bread. Also good for desserts and baking.


Clean food, nothing added in, sold directly to you

by the farmers who make it.



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